Friday, August 15, 2008

Project Runway: Season 5: Episode 5

This week the designers got a very pleasant surprise, that they will be designing an outfit for Brooke Shield's (also Guest Judge) character (Wendy)on Lipstick Jungle. Unfortunately this challenge wasn't so easy,they had to work in teams of two. The designers pitched their designs to Brooke and she choose 6 (designers) for team leaders. These six were Blayne,Jerrel,Kelli,Korto,Terri, and Keith. The designers picked their partners and came up with these teams Blayne and Leanne,Jerrel and Stella, Kelli and Daniel, Korto and Joe, Terri and Suede, and Keith and Kenley. The designers quickly got to work (after their trip to Mood of course!) with hopes of having their design on Lipstick Jungle. When their garments were complete their models hit the runway. Korto/Joe and Terri/Suede were both safe. The final 8 were Keith/Kenley,Kelli/Daniel,Jerrel/Stella,and Blayne/Leanne. Jerrel and Stella got much praise for their beautifully shaped dress with Stella's "LEATHA" work. Keith and Kenley surely got their dose of praise as well with their unique ensemble. Unfortunately Kelli and Daniel got a horrible rap for thier "slutty" (Micheal Kors' comment) garment. Blayne and Leanne also didn't get such good criticism with their Old Navy looking outfit. At the end Keith and Kenley got their work on Lipstick Jungle and Jerrel and Stella were safe. Poor Kelli was sent home and Blayne,Leanne, and Daniel were safe.

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