Monday, December 29, 2008

The Weekly Interview Column

I am starting a weekly interview column that will take place every monday, this week I've interviewed Kate Gallagher. I've chosen Kate to start this column off for her "celebrity status" as the very controvesial contestant on the CW's Stylista.

Q: What was your Favorite challenge on Stylista?
A: My favorite challenge was the styling shoot with Lee Greene.

Q: Who is your Favorite Designer?
A: Of all time, Oscar De La Renta. I also like Lauren Conrad,Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren and brands like C&C, Free People and BCBG.

Q: Any Recent Purchases?
A: I live for Forever 21. I just cleared out every legging in the SF store.

Q: What tops your Holiday wishlist?
A: My mom has a pair of royal blue suede boots from 1990, and I'd like them as a hand me down. They would mean a great deal to me, and they are so cute.

Q: What's your favorite shopping spot?
A: I think the 15 dollar rack at Macy's. You can always find cute tees and discounted IMPULSE clothing.

Q: Do you plan on getting back into Fashion or Journalism?
I have a blog called . I'm also writing a lot, and I personally don't know where I'll go with my writing, yet. Writing is very theraputic for me, so hopefully it will entertain others. During the new year there will be a lot of work managing both my full-time job, my part-time blog,love and life etc., but just keep a look out and I'll keep you posted.

Q: Do you have any splurges you wish you could make?
A: Yes! I really wish I had the XL Surya bag from Louis Vuitton.

Q: Who's your Favorite style icon from the past?
A: Lucille Ball. She's timeless, graceful and she makes me smile. I don't like anything that doesn't make me smile.

Q: What are you currently reading?
A: When you are Engulfed in Flames. I fell in love with David after Me Talk Pretty One Day.

Q: Do you have a favorite independent- boutique?
A: Ambiance in San Francisco on Union Street
Q: What made you "fall in love" with Lauren Conrad's SS09 collection, I could've made that black jumper out of an old t-shirt?
A: Well I've always been heavily influenced by LA pop culture. My personal style is always up for debate. I think one thing about fashion is about being honest with yourself. Do I like this and will this fit my body are the two questions you should ask. Beyond that your taste is your own and not really up for debate. Of course designers put out collections that are beautiful works of art, but my approach to fashion is practical. If it's pretty and I can wear it, then let me save up a little and buy it. Lauren Conrad clothes on sale are a great find and no more expensive than the Junior's section at Macy's. You absolutely can recreate some of her designs with your own clothes. I think it's great she's using her celebrity to inspire young girls to do just that, because rest assured she's being copied in every high school and college south of the grapevine.

Q: What is your favorite item that you've ever purchased?
A: Probably the most exciting thing was my first Coach bag. It was 400 dollars. I grew up very poor so when I had reached a point in my life that I was able to afford a purse like that, I was very proud. I've grown a lot financially in the past 3 years since that first big splurge, but I still stay grounded to what really matters and look for deals.

Just in readers, looks like inner beauty is the new black.


  1. Why would you ever want to interview this girl? She is an embarrassment to women everywhere, not only in the way she acts, but in what she wears. She should not be consulted on fashion issues, or anything else for that matter. The only thing smart about this interview was that you put "celebrity" in quotation marks.

  2. Kate is a very sweet girl. Her fashion likes have absolutely nothing to do with this interview. I just wanted to make it clear that inner beauty is much more important than the new it-bag on your arm.

  3. Alright, I am in no position to defend Katie but I will because she's SO sweet and totally grounded. She's beautiful and smart and there's so much more to her than you would see from watching that show. There's things about Kate that are just so cute and the fact that she keeps growing financially yet her focus is affordable pieces, is just amazing. I love Katie and I don't like when people negatively comment about her. It's bad enough as it is, please just leave it.

    By the way couture king, I'm glad you got to finally interview her like you told me 2 weeks ago. :) Congratulations, I see you eventually came up with good questions! I'll talk to you sometime again. Hit up my blog?