Monday, May 18, 2009

backstage//5:17 photo shoot

Yesterday, I worked at a photo shoot for Je Veux Te Voir. Some backstage photos are shown above, Caroline of Pensare Ancora and her friend Mike helped out, thankfully. It was so strange, everything that I was about to say, one of them said it right before I did. Oh, and look its me (blue plaid shirt and black skinny jeans), my big debut (?). Anyways, this is for our June/July issue which comes out June First. Also, my dear friend, Emery has been our model for a few shoots, she is just wonderful! Irene, her mom, took our photographs, she is an awesome photographer! I am so greatful to have worked with such a fantastic team!

(photos provided by Caroline Dengel)


  1. Amazing. The outfits look gorgeous. I love your outfit too!

  2. those outfits look great! especially the one on the beach, I bet the shots came out beautiful :]
    You rock as a stylisit. I just started my own freelance personal styling business back in february. it was one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done but so worth it.

    best of luck :] my sister and I love your blog, we're adding it to our sidebar links