Monday, December 13, 2010

Q&A: The Grungy Gentleman

Lipstein with the 2010 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Recipient, Billy Reid.

Following the frustration in finding the perfect menswear blog, I came across Grungy Gentleman, Jace Lipstein's answer to the modern man. Since Lipstein seems to be the master of Q&A (interviewing neckwear phenomena, Alexander Olch and menswear maverick, Michael Bastian), I found it necessary to pick his brain.

The Runway Room: When did you start 'Grungy Gentleman'?

Grungy Gentleman: June 16th, 2010

RR: Now, what exactly is a Grungy Gentleman?

GG: Grungy Gentleman erases the stereotype that all gentlemen 
have to be frumpy and grandpa-like. Grungy Gentleman injects
 a bit of youth and flair into your step; while still remaining sartorial.

RR: Do you think this describes your personal style as a whole?

GG: Grungy Gentleman is a play on words of how I dress.

RR: I see that you've now added a Kiel James Patrick collaboration to the already impressive collaborative offerings on the site, which has been your favorite?

GG: My first video with SPREADhouse was so killer. They are super-talented. As for the Grungy Gentleman bracelet, that was pretty special.

RR: Print or Viral?

GG: Healthy mix of both. There is something liberating about sitting down on a couch with a GQ and getting your monthly dose.

RR: Where do you see the magazine/print business going in the future?

GG: I see print being offered in different ways. For example, GQ is available via the iPad now. Amazing stuff!


Jace starred in the No Excess Winter 2010 campaign and has wound up in the pages of Menswear mecca, Details.

RR: Do you see internet journalism heading anywhere special?

GG: I see the blogosphere expanding. Blogs have the flexibility of being super-specific and niche-oriented; hitting their target audiences needs and desires.

RR: What makes a menswear designer great?

GG: The ability to produce classic and timeless garments.

RR: What are some new menswear designers that I should know about?

GG: Riviera Club, Idol Radec, Kiehl James Patrick.

RR: Favorite Publication?

GG: GQ is the bible.

RR: Favorite Menswear Designer?

GG: Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone, Simon Spurr, Michael Bastian, Gant Rugger, Elizabeth & James, Patrik Ervell, Billy Reid, Steven Alan, Riviera Club

RR: Favorite Blog?


Grungy Gentleman currently hosts a list of the "Dopest Kicks Out", bringing my parents to a thrill as I've added a hefty amount of them to my Christmas list.

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