Monday, August 8, 2011

Resort 2012: Prada

Just in case you were the type of girl to stress over what to wear to the golf course, Miuccia Prada suggests some exaggerated khaki gear and fifties inspired florals, just so you can accompany your man in his wasp-y Prada gear, to the club's course (because you weren't actually thinking of picking up a nine iron in these clothes).

Like I said, "just in case you were the type of girl" - slim odds? Probably.

"Miucca Prada gives the American summer a swift kick in the seat of its WASP-y golf pants, and the result is utterly original." -GQ on Prada's Spring collection for the guys, which undoubtedly sums up Miuccia's Resort offerings, too.

Photos, Vogue.

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