Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the drake

Ashley Olsen
While cruising Chicago's "coastline", I noticed an utterly stunning building, The Drake. I automatically assumed it to be a hotel, as it is. Curiosity killed the cat, I looked into the hotel-to my awe-its surprisingly cheap (no joke) and its a five star luxury hotel (no joke either). I couldn't believe it, until I googled for a closer glimpse. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were regulars, their initials are even carved into the bar. My thoughts, too good to be true! Being paranoid, as I often am, I searched for "The Drake Hauntings". Little did I know, an outrageous amount of murder/suicides have occured, and the "Lady in Red" frequently haunts the 10th floor, where she leaped off of the Drake's Roof and plumited to her death. This wasn't the first case of the spooks, Mrs. Adele Williams returned to her unlocked room with her daughter; only to find a black fur coat-clad woman sitting inside. The "Black Fur" lifted an antique pistol from her handbag and shot Mrs. Williams. The strangest of things, most "villains" at The Drake were clad in fur. A delightfully chic haunting, no?

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  1. The Drake is great. You should try the Sunday brunch sometime it is over the top. I stay there whenever I go to Chicago. It's close to a lot of friends I have on the Gold Coast and a straight shoot out to my friends in Lincoln Park, Wicker Park/ Bucktown in a cab