Thursday, June 24, 2010

Menswear Spring 2011: Milan Part 1

Bottega Veneta:

The entire collection looks extremely comfortable yet, refined at the same time. The pair of gray sweat pants were perfect, zippers were even fastened at the side (1). I think the Teva-esque sandals paired with tacky tourist socks would complete my life. I just bought a pair of Tevas for the Baths at Virgin Gorda (even though, we didn't quite make it to the BVI) and wondered what on earth am I going to do with these things, now...Bottega has answered! Also, the accessories were absolutely flawless.
Costume National Homme:

I always seem to like Costume National Homme and the Spring 2011 surpassed my expectations. The 'short-shorts paired with longer trench coats (3,4) mesh perfectly and I'm enjoying the color Nude, a lot.
Neil Barrett:

I'm going to keep it short and simple, Neil Barrett is awesome and us happen to sharing the same surname is also way awesome. Unfortunately, we are not related. I remember when I was 11 and reading GQ, my eye would always fly to the Neil Barrett items, I must've gotten a knack for cool at a young age (HAHA, me cool?).
Burberry Prorsum:

As far as I'm concerned, this collection is the epitome of cool. I am officially obsessed with the above second look, the shrunken suit paired with patent leather sandals, a fantastic motorcycle jacket on-top and a canvas messenger is perfection. I think the leather pants are really cool and all, but all I can think of is leather + 90 degree weather and its un-fucking-bearable!
Jil Sander:

My goodness, would you take a look at that color? And that layering of the different jackets is fantastic! Whenever menswear collections attempt florals, they usually look way too feminine and completely lack masculinity. But, the latest Jil Sander collection is the exception. L/s floral T's layered under trench coats appeared to be tattoos and the Georgia O'Keefe-esque shirts were beautifully, masculine.

I will definetly continue to post menswear tomorrow, morning. If you absolutely cannot wait for anymore of my seriously amateur commentary, please head on over to Cleveland Luxury (hyperlinked) where a few snippets of mine have been posted.

All Runway Photos, GQ

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