Monday, July 21, 2008

Project Runway: Season 5: Episode 1

The contestants (Blayne,Daniel,Emily,Jennifer,Jerell,Jerry,Joe,Keith,Kelli,Kenley,Korto,Leanne,Stella,Suede,Terri,and Wesley) arrived to their surprise that Austin Scarlet was waiting for them as the guest judge. The designers next challenge was to create an ensemble strictly made only from items from Gristedes, just like season 1. The designers had $75.00 and only 30 minutes to grab all that they needed to create a look that the judges would be impressed with. Most contestants including Suede and Korto used table cloths which Tim Gunn wasnt too happy about. A few designers were innovative and used items you wouldnt expect to be used as materials. Those designers included Daniel,Kelli,and Stella. Daniel and Kelli surely got recognized well, while Stella got trashed because of her tasteless trash bag ensemble. Jerry and Blane also didn't get a good rap because of Jerry's shower curtain coat and yellow latex gloves, he got the boot. Blane, I'm sure was very thrilled that the judges didn't give him the boot because of his playboy bunny Esq ensemble, partially made from diapers. The top two were as deserved, Kelli and Daniel. Kellis beautiful dress made with coffee filters,vacuum bags,and the spiral bound from a notebook, surely helped her win this challenge. While, Daniel was so close with his dress made out of plastic cups.
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