Friday, July 25, 2008

Project Runway: Season 5: Episode 2

This weeks challenge was to create a cocktail dress made out of organic fabric. The designers were very happy and excited to get to work until Tim announced that the models would be shopping for their Eco friendly fabric which would either make or break their dress. Another twist, the models would be the designer's clients. The designers decided to grin and bare it and hope for the best. Unfortunately most models picked a silk and a jersey knit fabric which were highly unacceptable for a cocktail dress. Our innovative champions from last weeks episode didn't impress the judges and were just safe. The final five included Korto,Leanne,Kenley,Suede, and Wesley. Kenley created a "chic" (Micheal Kors' comment) cocktail dress which included a very voluminous neck line while, Suede took his time hand weaving strips of jersey and silk to create a very beautiful ballerina esq cocktail dress which gave him a well deserved winning. He did not recieve immunity but an opportunity to sell his dress on While Kenley and Suede were celebrating their victory, Korto was sobbing on the runway because of her harsh critique. Fortunately, Korto was safe, unlike Wesley and Leanne. Leanne was trashed because of her busy dress but, she was safe. Wesley was kicked off the runway for his tasteless ensemble. Natalie Portman was the guest judge for this episode because of her new eco friendly shoe line.

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