Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Tip-Top Trip

Yes Readers, it's almost time to break out your tennis whites, but first, a little list to make your trip a splash. Unfortunately, The Weekly Interview column will be delayed this week due to my midterms. Anyways, have a Tip Top Trip.

These Ray Ban wayfarers,$109,Bloomingdales,,
are the best way to stay classic on the beach.

This NSF Jeff linen poncho,$50,Barneys New York,,
is a must for those chilly coastal breezes.
These Bottega Veneta Sandals,$799.78,Browns Fashion,
serve as the perfect heel.

Fun readings are a must in the smoldering sand.
One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell,$25.95,Barnes and Nobles
This Nina Ricci Petal Print Rain Coat,$2,990,,
will keep you dry from April rains.

This Azzaro Floristique swimsuit,$1,050,,
will put you in tip-top shape for the beach.

This Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk,$11,500,The Trunk Shop,
is the perfect addition to any exquisite luggage set.

The Michael Kors Tie-Dye Cashmere Tunic,$1,095,
is the perfect cover-up.

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