Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trend Alert//Jumpsuits

Trend Alert//Jumpsuits
We all know that The Jumpsuit was a previous trend but, the Jumpsuit isn't necessarily the trend here. The trend is translating the fall Jumpsuit into your spring wardrobe. We have paired the beautiful CHANEL jumpsuit with a colorful Rodarte Jacket to supply some color, which is an essential to any Spring outfit. We've also paired enamel and patent to add some shine to the look.

, CHANEL, $4,800, call 800-555-0005.
Jacket, Rodarte, $1,975.00, Presse Boutique.
Bangle, Banana Republic, $34.00, Banana Republic.
Clutch Bag, Alexander McQueen, £635.00, Alexander McQueen.
Sandals, Jimmy Choo, $950.00, Net-A-Porter.

Listening to Don't Stop: With Smoking by The Brazilian Girls

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  1. nice, very nice. a lot chicer than my jumpsuit (couture_aotearoa off TV forums). eugh, i've been eyeing up that mcqueen clutch foreverrr!