Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, it sure took me a long time to find California Select! As you all probably know, I am a sucker for cheap vintage,it sure isn't easy to find, especially cheap Men's vintage! And by cheap I mean ten bucks, oh come on, you know you wish vintage didn't have 3 0r 4 digits! Just imagine vintage YSL for $9.00, impossible! Well, not if you give California Select a good click. I certainly give Cali-Select my seal of approval and I highly recommend you do too.

some of my favorites,

vintage black patent leather oxford shoes

vintage izod-lacoste knit caridgan

vintage yves saint laurent plaid oxford

Don't worry, the women's clothes are also amazing

vintage hand-dyed avant garde skirt

vintage black fringed mini dress

vintage creme woven batwing cape circa 1970s

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