Monday, February 16, 2009

The Weekly Interview Column

While, Neptune was the king of the sea, you may wonder who spawned the sea of shoes...that'd be Judy Aldridge, mother of the fashion-blogger Jane Aldridge. When I think of suburban mothers, I tend to think of Eddie Bauer and Coach, Judy sports Dries Van Noten (note the shoes above), Givenchy, and Balenciaga on a regular basis, which is exactly why I chose Judy for "The Weekly Interview Column".

RR: Who is your Favorite Designer?
JA: Junya Wantanabe.

RR:What are you currently reading?
JA: The Point by Malcolm Gladwell

RR: What is your current occupation?
JA: Self employeed, launching an on line website for vintage fashion and my own designs.

RR: What is your Favorite fashion Publication?
JA: I really like British Vogue (great articles) and French Vogue for the photography.

RR: What is your favorite local hot spot?
JA: Ha--we live in the country--the feedstore?

RR: What is your favorite item that you've ever purchased?
JA: I have a fabulous collection of vintage Christopher Ross belts from the 70's and 80's.

RR: Do you follow any style icons,if so who?
JA: Hate to say it, but I love MK and Ashely. Love to see what Rihanna is wearing, she has a fantastic shoe collection. Kelly Wearstler has an insane vintage collection. My daughter Jane never fails to amaze me.

RR: What is your Favorite Runway show of all time?
JA: Junya Wantanabe Fall 2007.

RR: Who would you say influenced/influences you the most in life?
JA: Packing up and moving to Japan when I was 18.

RR: What is your motto?
JA: Keep it simple.

RR: Mary Kate or Ashley?

RR: Who are your favorite musical-artists?
JA: I don't know anymore--Jane mixes all of my CD's and she has excellent taste.

RR: Who is your favorite artist/painter?
JA: Too many--art is so subjective. I get inspired when I got to an elementary school and see the kindergarten paintings--they're so uninhibited. So nice to see life being expressed without limitations!!

RR: The Starbucks norm:
JA: Solo vente extra hot latte.

RR: Louboutin or Choo?
JA: Neither--love Louboutin, but even some of his largest sizes do not fit my sasquatch size feet. (some of his basics I can wear)

RR: Balenciaga or Balmain?
JA: Yes please!!

RR: Lagerfeld or Valentino?
JA: Valentino--especially vintage.

RR: What are your three can't live without essentials?
JA: Great pair of jeans, strappy studded sandals, and chapstick.

RR: What is your favorite travel/vacation spot outside the u.s.?
JA: Japan

RR: Who is your favorite photographer?
JA: Steven Meisel

Now, you could see why Jane, her daughter, has such great style. She learned from a master.
Can't get enough of Judy, check out her blog, Atlantis Home.

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