Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weekly Interview Column

"Hi, yes I'd like to order a cappuccino!"

This week I've chosen Irene as my interviewee due to her unique style, mixing classic with "grunge". Her blog, Capuccino Bar, has really made me wonder what her personal style truly is.

RR: Who is your Favorite Designer?
I: Humm, well i think i couldn't choose just one... i love Christophe Decarnin and Alexander Wang.

RR: What are you currently reading?
I: The second part of "The shadow of the wind", it's called "The angel's game"

RR: What is your current occupation?
I: I'm a student!

RR: What is your Favorite fashion Publication?
I: I love ELLE UK, but i admit i also buy Vogue Spain or NEO2

RR: What is your favorite local hot spot?
I: Those cool vintage markets or my grandmother's closet.

RR: What is your favorite item that you've ever purchased?
I: A tank top. It's so useful and comfy!

RR: Do you follow any style icons,if so who?
I: I love the style of lots of celebs and models, but... I prefer following street style blogs. Anyway, i love Kirsten Dunst's style.

RR: What is your Favorite Runway show of all time?
I: SS07 Lanvin

RR: Who would you say influenced/influences you the most in life?
I: Family, Friends, the blog... you know

RR: What is your motto?
I: Mmm... i usually say "Oh my gosh" but on a very ironic way.

RR: Mary Kate or Ashley?
I: Mary Kate

RR: Who are your favorite musical-artists?
I: Vampire Weekend, M.I.A, Craig David, The Kooks, Muse, Kanye West, and MGMT.

RR: Who is your favorite artist/painter?
I: Andy Warhol.

RR: The Starbucks norm:
I: Vanilla Frappuccino. That's it, hehe

RR: Louboutin or Choo?
I: Louboutin

RR: Balenciaga or Balmain?
I: Balmain

RR: Lagerfeld or Valentino?
I: Valentino, of course.

RR: What are your three cant live without essentials?
I: A pair of jeans, a basic tee, and... a high waisted (but not too much) comfy skirt.

RR: What is your favorite travel/vacation spot outside the u.s.?
I: The Greek Islands.

"Thank you! Oh, can I please have some cream?"
Can't get enough of Irene, check out her blog.