Monday, February 2, 2009

The Weekly Interview Column

As us bloggers know, getting on the Teen Vogue website once is difficult, but twice is impossible, is it not? Well, if you ask fifteen year old power-blogger Gladys Lopez that, the typical response might be different. I've chosen Gladys as this weeks "interviewee" because she not only blogs like a mad-men, she's very consistent with it.

RR: Who is your Favorite Designer?
GL: Dolce & Gabbana

RR:What are you currently reading?
GL: I just finished Frankenstein.

RR: What is your current occupation?
GL: Student and aspiring model.

RR: What is your Favorite fashion Publication?
GL: Nylon and Vogue Espana. I'm not a fan of American Vogues.

RR: What is your favorite local hot spot?
GL: Northpark. Everyone shops there, but I guess I'm one of the few that know where to look to find great finds!

RR: What is your favorite item that you've ever purchased?
GL: I can't decide, but I must make note of my BCBGirls peep-toe stilettos with white trim, all patent leather. Strangers come up to me and give me compliments about them.

RR: Do you follow any style icons,if so who?
GL: Myself. I don't really look up to anyone.

RR: What is your Favorite Runway show of all time?
GL: It would probably have to be Dolce & Gabbana's S/S 08. Those hand-painted dresses were magnificent!

RR: Who would you say influenced/influences you the most in life?
GL: My mom. She gives the best advice.

RR: What is your motto?
GL: I don't really have one, but I do say "Oh my god!" too often.

RR: Mary Kate or Ashley?
GL: It used to be Mary Kate, but over the years, I've been leaning towards Ashley.

RR: Who are your favorite musical-artists?
GL: Beck, The Cardigans, Paolo Nutini, The Honorary Title, Jet, The Verve, Young Lords with the classics (Bob Dylan, The Stones, The Beatles).

RR: Who is your favorite artist/painter?
GL: It has to be one of my friends! Her name is Anjelica and her artwork is the closest the real thing. I go to a school dedicated to the arts so I'm always surrounded by music and artwork. It's amazing.

RR: The Starbucks norm:
GL: Fat-free, Iced caramel machiatto/toffee nut latte or caramel frapp.

RR: Louboutin or Choo?
GL: Louboutin

RR: Balenciaga or Balmain?
GL: Balmain

RR: Lagerfeld or Valentino?
GL: Lagerfeld

RR: What are your three cant live without essentials?
GL: Piccolo/flute, guitar, Zune, but I really want to stick my camera in there!

RR: What is your favorite travel/vacation spot outside the u.s.?
GL: I want to go to Germany! But anywhere that is warm is fine with me. No cold climates, please!

RR: Who is your favorite photographer?
GL: Sbastien & Heidi Slimane

Can't get enough of Gladys, check out her blog, SMG
Well readers, it seems that I need to step it up a notch.

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  1. Vogue EspaƱa is really bad.And I say that being myself Spanish.