Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trend Alert//Tie-Dye

Trend Alert//Tie-Dye
As the style of the 70s and 80s are sneaking back up on us, a trend from the hippie-days of the 1960s has also managed to return. Tie-Dye is coming back rapidly whether in Tanks or Denim, it will certainly leave a huge impact on our summer wardrobes, which is why we've paired the popular 60s come-back with unique 90s grunge pieces to maintain a "trendy" look without returning to the "hippie-dippie" days of the 1960s.

Skinny Jeans, Siwy,, $217.94.
Jacket, Balmain,, $6,202.54.
Tank, Alexander Wang,, $125.00.
Shoes, Brian Atwood,, $930.56.

Currently Listening to "I Blame Coco".

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