Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Weekly Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am going to try out a weekly findings post, where I'll post my weekly finds, whether it's music, a new artist, photographer, etc. I hope you enjoy, and if any of you find something that you'd like to see appear on the weekly wednesday, either email me (link can be found in my profile) or leave a comment, I will get back to you as soon as I can.
The Best Finds in...

-music: Dr. Dog, this band brags cool beats and bohemian lyrics that are plenty full of soul. Also, Urban Outfitters has been producing vinyl's of new albums which I love! You no longer have to use two "media-machines".
-vintage: rice and beans vintage, you can find anything from rare Gucci Luggage, to Hermes Leather Lambskin pants.
-Photography: I Love Fake, awesome photography, very hipster-like, slightly resembles some Terry Richardson work.
-the sale: Yves Saint Laurent takes a spot at Rue La La this week. If anyone would like an invite code, either email me or leave a comment.
-the runway: London Fashion Week was spectacular, I'll upload my favorites later on this week or early next.
-newsstands: the new issue of NYLON hit newsstands this week featuring an "uncensored" twilight star, Kristin Stewart.
-the rare: the chanel t-shirt produced in the late 80s featured on party websites such as, cobrasnake.
-the t: the comedic Darkhorse t-shirt label, has poked fun at another,well three, fashion legends, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Karl Lagerfeld. The t-shirt shows the three thinking, quite diligently, on well, their brands logos. The shirt hits their site in March.

^i love fake^

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